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Naked on Pluto, 2010-2015 – Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths


Inventory of the archive of Naked on Pluto


Further resources by the artists

Item structure[edit]

item name; item type; (URL/source); date; short description;


Name Type URL/source date Short description
Revving up the engines blog post 2010-06-04 Filed under: technical.
A logo blog post 2010-06-11 Filed under: graphic design
Teaser – Let the Spoofing Begin… blog post 2010-06-12 Filed under: script writing. Tags: javascript, spoofing
Plutonian clothing strategy blog post 2010-06-15 Filed under: contextual. Tags: script writing, privacy, API, policy
The Art of Surviving in Simcities blog post 2010-06-26 Filed under: contextual. Tags: API, black box, cloud computing, cloud storage, communication, data, data centers, distributed, floss, free software, Internet, marketing, open source, privacy, social networks, virtueel platform, walled garden, web 2.0
Web games tech for beginners blog post 2010-06-27 Filed under: technical. Tags: ajax, flash, haxe, javascript, jquery, json, racket, same origin policy, scheme, security, xss
Games design blog post 2010-07-05 Filed under: script writing. Tags: games design practices, malleability, user centred design, vertical slice
Can games change the world? Busting through to reality versus Escapism blog post 2010-07-19 Filed under: contextual. Tags: crowd sourcing, game mechanics
The Secret Blueprints (including exclusive Florian’s scribbles) blog post 2010-08-14
Development Master Plan blog post 2010-08-14 Filed under: technical. Tags: apache, API, collaboration, git, infrastructure, proxy, same origin policy, scheme, server
To Privacy and Beyond! blog post 2010-08-20 Filed under: contextual. Tags: article, data mining, law, privacy
bots, bots, bots… blog post 2010-08-26 Filed under: script writing. Tags: AI, bot, Eliza-effect, robot
NOP Sprint at NIMk started blog post 2010-08-30 Filed under: script writing. Tags: character design, nimk, sprint, writing
NIMk Sprint day 2 blog post 2010-08-31 Filed under: script writing, technical. Tags: nimk sprint
NIMk sprint day 3 blog post 2010-09-01 Filed under: script writing. Tags: game mechanics, map post-it brainstorm sprint quest, vertical slice
NIMk Sprint day 5 blog post 2010-09-03 Filed under: script writing. Tags: brainstorm, gameplay, post-it, quest, sprint, vertical slice
Plutonian Striptease I: Rob Myers blog post 2010-09-08 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: advertisement, business model, discrimination, distributed, EULA, GNU social, Internet, marketing, privacy, self censorship, social media, social networks, web 2.0
Interface Design and Text-Based Games blog post 2010-09-09 Filed under: graphic design, interface design. Tags: book, chat, facebook data, interface design, inventory, mockup, status, text user interface, text-based game, work in progress.
Early game interface blog post 2010-09-09
game interface 20100909 blog post 2010-09-09
Mockup 1 blog post 2010-09-09
Mockup 2 blog post 2010-09-09
Mockup 3 blog post 2010-09-09
Plutonian Striptease II: Dmytri Kleiner blog post 2010-09-19 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: decentralized systems, EULA, Facebook, identity theft, marketing, privacy, proprietary systems, social networks, venture capital
Plutonian Striptease III: Geoff Cox blog post 2010-09-22 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: communication, data, ethics, EULA, friends, Internet, marketing, ownership, privacy, property, rights, social networks, trading, venture capital, web 2.0
Plutonian Striptease IV: Rob van Kranenburg blog post 2010-09-24 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: balance, local communities, mass media, narcissism, privacy, self publishing, social networks, transparency, tribe
Plutonian Striptease V: Geert Lovink blog post 2010-09-29 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: advertisement, anonymity, attention economy, commodities, free services, friends, Internet, law, privacy, recommendation systems, trading, video, web 2.0
Plutonian Striptease VI: Marc Garrett blog post 2010-10-03 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: data body, data mining, EULA, gadgets, net neutrality, patents, privacy, self censorship, social networks, web 2.0
Plutonian Striptease VII: Florian Cramer blog post 2010-10-09 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: advertisement, communication, data leaks, data mining, EULA, illusion of intimacy, interface design, Internet, jobs, privacy, self-surveillance, social networks, web 2.0
Most demanding facebook application? blog post 2010-10-12 Filed under: technical. Tags: extended permissions, interface design, scary
Most demanding facebook application? » permissions blog post 2010-10-12
Sprint @ BALTAN Laboratories, day I blog post 2010-10-12 Filed under: contextual, interface design, script writing. Tags: help, hints, messages, narrative, playtest, script, sprint, text user interface
Baltan Playtest blog post 2010-10-13
Baltan Playtest blog post 2010-10-13
Baltan Playtest blog post 2010-10-13
Meet the users: Playtest Session at Baltan blog post 2010-10-13 Filed under graphic design, interface design, technical. Tags: bugs, debugging, game mechanics, game testing, interface design, players, playtest, sprint, users
Residency @ BALTAN – a report from Dave blog post 2010-10-18 Filed under: technical. Tags: baltan, bots, multiplayer, playtest, residency
Residency @ BALTAN – a report from Dave » IMG_1562 blog post 2010-10-18
Residency @ BALTAN – a report from Dave » IMG_1594 blog post 2010-10-18
Plutonian Striptease VIII: Owen Mundy blog post 2010-10-20 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: advertisement, analytics tools, behavior control, data, EULA, law, manipulation, privacy, semantic web, social networks, surveillance, user-generated content, web 2.0
Plutonian Striptease IX: Employee of a social games company blog post 2010-10-25 Filed under contextual, interview. Tags: anonymity, privacy, responsibility, self censorship, social networks, targeted advertisement
Call for testers blog post 2010-10-26 Filed under: interface design, script writing, technical. Tags: alpha, bugs, game testing, players, playtest, support, testers
Call for testers » it’s cold up there… blog post 2010-10-26
Plutonian Striptease X: Constant blog post 2010-10-31 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: advertisement, convergence, data mining, EULA, friendship, Internet, marketing, privacy, profiling, scale, script writing, social networks, social pressure, web 2.0
Naked on Pluto part of Funware exhibition blog post 2010-11-11 Filed under: contextual. Tags: exhibition, funware
Plutonian Striptease XI: Mez Breeze blog post 2010-11-11 Filed under: contextual, interview. Tags: censorship, EULA, friendship, government influence, privacy, responsibility, scraping, social networks, transparency, web 2.0
Naked on Pluto Alpha Release blog post 2010-11-15 Filed under: contextual. Tags: alpha, Facebook, free software, interactive fiction, parody, privacy, release, script writing, social networks
Opening Funware exhibition blog post 2010-11-16 Filed under: contextual. Tags: exhibition, funware, stickers
What do we do with your data? blog post 2010-11-16 Filed under: technical. Tags: piksel, privacy
What do we do with your data? » 007-clientserver blog post 2010-11-16
@NopCleanerBot blog post 2010-12-07 Filed under: contextual, technical.
NOP at SPEED SHOW vol.5 blog post 2011-01-09 Filed under: contextual. Tags: cybercafé, exhibition, friends, Internet, paris, speedshow
Plutonian Striptease XII: Gordan Savicic blog post 2011-01-26 Filed under: interview. Tags: activism, EULA, Facebook, Flecks of identity, games, hype, participation, sharing, social networks, startups, targeted advertising, web 2.0
Facebook mis à nu blog post 2011-01-29 Filed under: contextual. Tags: article, review
Mozilla Game On and the Open Web mystery blog post 2011-02-03 Filed under: contextual. Tags: communication, competition, game on, mozilla, mystery, open web, script writing, web
BoF + Constant + NoP Public Lecture at Piet Zwart Institute blog post 2011-03-14 Filed under: contextual. Tags: anonymity, bits of freedom, constant, data mining, discussion, friends, lecture, piet zwart institute, privacy, rotterdam, social networks
Plutonian Striptease lectures at LiWoLi 2011 blog post 2011-04-27 Filed under: contextual. Tags: lecture, presentation
Naked on Pluto goes to São Paulo blog post 2011-07-04 Filed under: technical. Tags: conversations, feedback, FILE sao paulo, gallery installation
Plutonian Times Research blog post 2011-07-04 Filed under: contextual, graphic design.
Bots as WordPress Editors blog post 2011-07-06 Filed under: technical. Tags: auto generated content, blog, bots, news, python, reports, wordpress, xml-rpc
Propaganda! blog post 2011-07-09 Filed under: graphic design. Tags: design, newspaper, propaganda.
Golden Medallions and in-game programming blog post 2011-07-12 Filed under: script writing, technical. Tags: golden medallion, in game programming, livecoding, secret commands
Golden Medallions and in-game programming » dress blog post 2011-07-12
Golden Medallions and in-game programming » spybot blog post 2011-07-12
UNITE TO ACHIEVE AN EVEN GREATER FRIENDSHIP! blog post 2011-07-14 Filed under: graphic design. Tags: bots, design, graphics, propaganda, wordpress theme
Naked on Pluto wins VIDA 13.2 blog post 2011-10-26 Filed under: contextual. Tags: Artificial life, award, epic win, Fundación Telefónica, ocular revision, prize, protei, spain, VIDA
Naked on Pluto at Pixelache Pixelversity blog post 2011-11-08 Filed under: contextual. Tags: helsinki, pixelache, pixelversity, presentation
Art installation plans blog post 2011-11-17 Filed under: interface design
Art installation plans » gallery blog post 2011-11-17
Starting work on a “live world” projection blog post 2011-12-11 Filed under: graphic design, interface design, technical.
Resuming work on the installation blog post 2012-01-20 Filed under: contextual, graphic design, interface design, technical. Tags: ARCO, books, exhibition, FB blue I love you, projection, stickers
Library projection progress blog post 2012-02-08 Filed under: graphic design, interface design, technical.
Library projection progress » lib-001 blog post 2012-02-08
Setting up Naked on Pluto at ARCO blog post 2012-02-15 Filed under: technical. Tags: ARCO, exhibition, presentation, spain, VIDA
Our Life online – Workshop+debate – 24 February 2012 at CCCB blog post 2012-02-17 Filed under: contextual, technical. Tags: agents, API, Barcelona, CCCB, data mining, debate, Facebook, free software, javascript, lecture, paperclip, social networks, VIDA, web 2.0, workshop
Report from ARCO 2012 Madrid blog post 2012-02-20 Filed under: contextual, installation.
Photos from the Naked on Pluto installation at ARCO blog post 2012-03-02 Filed under: graphic design, installation. Tags: ARCO, books, datavis, exhibition, library, photos, projection, public, VIDA
Identity and Simulation. Artificial Life on the Networks blog post 2012-03-21 Filed under: contextual. Tags: agents, alien, Barcelona, bots, cats, CCCB, communication, Facebook, Internet, panel, presentation, social networks, suicide machine, transparency, VIDA, video, web 2.0, youtube
Robots and Avatars blog post 2012-04-17 Filed under: installation.
Neural 42 extra – VIDA Awards 13.2 DVD blog post 2012-08-01 Filed under: contextual. Tags: ARCO, dvd, exhibition, Fundación Telefónica, magazine, neural, presentation, VIDA
Neural 42 extra – VIDA Awards 13.2 DVD » neural mag 42 blog post 2012-08-01
Baltan Laboratories FaceSponge workshop blog post 2012-08-15 Filed under: contextual, workshop. Tags: API, baltan, Facebook, javascript, livecoding, tools, workshop
Baltan Laboratories FaceSponge workshop » facesponge-1 blog post 2012-08-15
Baltan Laboratories FaceSponge workshop » facesponge-scripts blog post 2012-08-15
Naked on Pluto in Taiwan blog post 2013-09-23 Filed under: installation.
About blog page
Credits blog page
press blog page
Alias_Pluto_Parable wiki page 2010-06-29 Who is Alia? Alia's game experience: Day 1 .. Day 35
AVEK_app wiki page 2011-05-26 Annexes
Book_Interface_Pluto wiki page 2010-09-11
Books_and_Publications_on_Privacy wiki page 2010-07-20 Offline and Online Resources (only essays, articles, chapters, etc.)
Bots-places-paths_and_object_behaviour wiki page 2010-07-10 What type of behaviour do we want object, locations, paths and bots/characters to have?
Elastic_Versailles_On_Pluto wiki page 2010-08-30
Elastic_Versailles_User_Stories wiki page 2010-07-08
Essential_Parabel_Elements wiki page 2010-07-05
Exhibition_NOP wiki page 2011-11-16
Gaming_Resources wiki page 2010-10-07
Infrastructure_for_NOP wiki page 2010-06-29
Invitation_to_Play_NOP wiki page 2010-07-10 Drop here ideas for the NOP invite system.
Naked_Feelings wiki page 2010-08-12 A collection of feelings we want the player to experience, and scenario's that might elicit them
Naked_on_Pluto wiki page 2010-07-10
Naked_on_Pluto_Overview wiki page 2010-09-06 This page is for providing a structured overview of the project. As a rule of thumb you can start drafting thing from here and if it gets bigger create new pages that can be listed. Please keep discussions on content as mails or preferably using the discussion tab of the relevant page.
Naked_on_pluto_roadmap wiki page 2010-07-10 Development roadmap
Naked_Presentation wiki page 2010-10-12
Naked_Research_Topics wiki page 2010-09-08 Resources for inspiration, reference and possible blogging.
Naked_Video wiki page 2011-07-19
NakedAche11 wiki page 2010-11-12 A short description of your project. Please also provide following information: 1. Project credits, 2. Project presenters (persons who would participate Pixelache Helsinki 2011), 3. Technical requirements
NOP_Meetings wiki page 2010-09-21
NOP_PR wiki page 2013-03-16
NOP_Workflow wiki page 2010-10-15 A Page for explaining the dev work-flow and the usage of some in-house tools.
NOP_Workshop wiki page 2012-02-16
Petes_pluto_parable wiki page 2010-07-02
Places_to_be_Naked wiki page 2010-10-05 Somes places where we could show, send the game, etc...
Playtest wiki page 2010-10-13
Pluto_Game_Mechanics wiki page 2010-06-24
Pluto_User_Stories wiki page 2010-07-10
Plutonian_Ads wiki page 2010-07-10 There are several ads in the games.
Plutonian_clothing_strategy wiki page 2010-06-10 An attempt to untangle the constraints of what we can store and retrieve from the server, and how it will impact the game.
Plutonian_Design_Process wiki page 2010-07-10 A record of the meandering process of designing the game, in order:
Plutonian_dev_log_dave wiki page 2010-07-22
Plutonian_Exploits wiki page 2010-07-10 When security holes become cheats and cheats become features!
Plutonian_Phantom_Data wiki page 2010-06-24 When dealing with data belonging to friends of the player, we have to avoid showing it to anyone else, and as a bonus, I want to avoid ever uploading and storing it on the server. However, most of the interesting data from a game perspective falls under this category.
Plutonian_Quests wiki page 2010-08-16 Please drop all kind of quest/challenges ideas here and possible solutions
Plutonian_Skills wiki page 2010-07-10
Privacy_policy wiki page 2010-10-03 Plutonian Privacy Policy
RA_app wiki page 2011-09-06 Robots and avatar call
Random_naked_ideas wiki page 2010-06-10 A place for brainstorming.
Riks_Pluto_Parable wiki page 2010-07-02
Social_Networks_in_the_Media wiki page 2010-07-20
Social_Software_Art wiki page 2010-07-07 A list of works and project on and about social software.
Some_Scenarios wiki page 2010-06-30
Striptease_on_Pluto wiki page 2011-02-03 The striptease section is dedicated to interviews of people we think could have a relevant input on the game ideas and most importantly context in which it came from. The format should be simple and identical for each interviews in order to
The_Plutonian_Library wiki page 2010-07-10 The library is a special room/location to be found in Pluto.
Third-Party_People wiki page 2010-08-13 The Third-Party People, are a plutonian myth or rumor. Nobody really knows who they are, what they do and what is their purpose.
VIDA_app wiki page 2011-07-23 deadline: 27 July 2011 Submitted: 23 July 2011
Zone_1_description wiki page 2010-08-13
Artwork git directory 2010 marks, mockup, misc
Documentation git directory 2010 baltan slides, cccb typo, images, nopshots, pixelversity presentation, tm and cccb slides
Game Broadcast git directory 2010 code
Game Client git directory 2010 code
Game Server git directory 2010 code
Slub Game Client git directory 2010 code
Slub Game Server git directory 2010 code
Tertius git directory 2010 updaters, backup
Workshop git directory 2010 facesponge
Wp Naked git directory 2010 wordpress blog
Wp Pluto git directory 2010 wordpress blog
Www Placeholder git directory 2010 code
Facebook mis à nu press article 2011-01-17 on Liberation by Marie Lechner, in French
Facebook undressed press article 2011-01-29 translation of Marie Lechner's article by Marloes de Valk into English
nop_files.txt text file /data/sorted/NoP/nop_files.txt 2020-02-27 tree output from sorted HDD archive
budgets+contracts+applications directory /data/sorted/NoP/priv/budgets+contracts+applications 2010-2017 private admin documents
nop_trailer directory /data/sorted/NoP/priv/nop_trailer 2011 private source footages for video edit trailer
portfolio_team directory data/sorted/NoP/priv/portfolio_team 2011 private portfolio and CV docs
assets directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/assets 2010-2013 various material used in the project (avatars, blog, botblog, facesponge, interface, logos, misc_gphx, stickers+business_cards)
code_repos directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/code_repos 2010-2013 git repos (artwork, nop-documentation, nop-library, slub-game-server, game-client, nop-game-client, nop-tertius, wp-naked, game-server, nop-game-server, slub-game-client, www-placeholder)
db directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/db 2012-2013 mongodb conversion of all the game graph history and selected extraction of the db into PDF for the library installation
dev_docs directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/dev_docs 2010-2011 documents and notes from different phases of the project development
exhibition_docs directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/exhibition_docs 2010-2013 documentation of some exhibitions (ARCO, MU, Robots and Avatars, TEA Super Connect)
ingame_docs directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/ingame_docs 2010-2013 screenshots of the game
misc directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/misc 2009 was probably used at some point :)
mockups directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/mockups 2010-2011 different early game interface mockups
presentation directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/presentations 2009-2012 slides, templates and notes from different presentations (Baltan, CCCB, generic_social_media, ISEA, LIWOLI, notes_aymeric, pikselversity, Transmediale)
texts+essays+notes directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/texts+essays+notes 2010-2011 various texts and notes written during the project (ISEA paper, interview for Baltan book, compilation of most interesting extracts from the blog interviews, some interviews)
videos directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/videos 2011 various videos of the game, including generated graphs, launch trailer, in game footage of different versions
workshops directory data/sorted/NoP/pub/workshops 2012 photos docu of some workshops

Naked on Pluto, 2010-2015 – Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths