Natalia Borissova

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Natalia Boris(s)ova is Moscow born, Munich/Berlin-independent cross/non-disciplinary artist&maker, researcher&organizer. Since 1995 she has been working with multi-media including print, art documentary, live visuals and sound while living in Moscow, Stuttgart, Buffalo/NY Munich, Berlin and traveling. She was projected to teach (visiting professor) on Motion imaging at State University/Buffalo, NY (SUNY). Since 2006 she has been independently working with DIY electronics, low-power organic systems/technology, electromagnetic fields and acoustic, giving workshops, randomly organizing experimental (un)events and lab-style projects. Since 2011 she has found herself contemplating and cultivating edible fungi as a source of ongoing surprise and unmatched nutritional supremacy, calling this passion "Non-Green Gardening"/NGG (simply because mushrooms don't produce chlorophyll that makes plants green). NGG is a series of living-lab experiments with mushrooms through theoretical and practical research, curiosity and magic. It sees mushrooms as a recycling, transforming, connecting and healing organism. It aims to observe and learn from fungal behavior as a catalyst for continuous exploration of the environment in quest of inventive pathways outside of existing frameworks.