Natalia Borissova

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Natalia Boris(s)ova is Moscow born, Berlin-based independent non-disciplinary artist-maker, researcher, organizer and intuitive permaculturalist with a mycological twist.

Since 1995, she has been working with multi-media including print, art-documentary, live visuals and sound/acoustic while living in Moscow, Stuttgart, Buffalo/NY, Munich, Berlin and traveling. In 2000, she taught (as visiting professor) at the State University in Buffalo, NY.

From 2006 she regularly organized experimental un/events, lab-style projects and taught hands-on seminars covering a range of topics such as: low-tech electronics, low-power electro-organic systems, amplification of the electromagnetic fields and circuit-bending (where some electronic components were exchanged with organic elements such as human body, plants, fruits, vegetables..) etc. and focusing on the anti-consumerist, constructivist and creative aspects.

From 2011 she became somewhat more tangential to the 'natural media', 'edible messages' and their 'healing abilities' - the slow art of gardening with living multi-functional systems inoculated with fungi. She regularly holds theoretical+practical activities introducing everyone to the mycological processes and promoting integration of fungi in-and-outdoor, urban, rural and in the diet.

The results of continuous exploration of the surroundings in the quest for surprising simplicity and inventive pathways outside of existing frameworks slowly started to ferment triggering the sensation of umami. To be continued. (2017)