Natalia Borissova

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Nata(lia)sha Borissova is Moscow born, Munich/Berlin-based media artist/organizer working with (s)low-tech in DIY, explorative and process-related way. Since 1995 she has been experimenting with visual media while living in Moscow, Berlin, Stuttgart, Buffalo NY and Munich. She had been spending some time as a visiting professor, lecturing on Motion imaging at State University/Buffalo NY (SUNY), had been selected for several grants and artists' residencies in Europe. Since 2006 she is independently running - migrating workshop-zone for informal audiovisual eduction and experimentation, trying to keep both change and continuity in setting up creative workshops, as well as instigating those self-(de)constructivist, experiment-based, temporal norms-forms abandoning situations. Gradually her main interest is shifting from motion to stillness, from showing to looking, from hearing to listening, from art to life, from life to.. the dead frog.