Natalia Borissova

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Natalia Boris(s)ova is Moscow born, Munich/Berlin- based independent cross/non-disciplinary artist&maker, researcher&organizer. Since 1995 she has been working with multi-media including print, art documentary, live visuals and sound while living in Moscow, Stuttgart, Buffalo/NY Munich, Berlin and travelling. She was projected to teach (visiting professor) on Motion imaging at State University in US (SUNY Buffalo, NY). Since 2006 she has been independently working with DIY electronics, low-power organic systems/technology, electromagnetic fields and acoustic: She was giving workshops, randomly organizing experimental (un)events and lab-style projects. Since 2011 she has found herself contemplating and cultivating fungi as a source of ongoing surprise and unmatched nutritional supremacy, calling this passion "Non Green Gardening"/NGG (simply because mushrooms don't produce chlorophyll that would make them green). NGG is a series of living-lab experiments with mushroom cultivation through theoretical and practical research, curiosity and magic. It sees mushrooms as a recycling, transforming, connecting, healing organism. It aims to observe and learn from fungal behaviour as a catalyst for continuous exploration of the environment in quest of inventive pathways outside of existing frameworks.