Natalia Borissova

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Natalia Boris(s)ova is Moscow born, Berlin-based independent x-disciplinary artist&maker, researcher&organizer, poly-gardener with a mycological twist and intuitive permaculturalist. Since 1995 she had been working with multi-media including print, art documentary, live visuals and sound while living in Moscow, Stuttgart, Buffalo/NY, Munich, Berlin and traveling. In 2000 she had been teaching (visiting professor) at State University in Buffalo, NY. Since 2006 she had been independently working in Germany with DIY electronics, low-power organic systems/technology, electromagnetic fields and acoustic, bending organic and electronic into one circuit. She was randomly giving workshops and organizing experimental un/events and participative lab-style projects. From 2011 she became somewhat more tangential to the 'natural media' and the slow art of growing and culturing edibles, especially nurturing her passion for mushrooms through the intensive, experimental cultivation indoor and outdoor, urban and rural. She is regularly holding lectures and hands-on activities about mycological processes both domestically and abroad laying them under the umbrella term 'Non-Green-Gardening' (Fungi cannot carry out photosynthesis). The continuous exploration of the environment in quest of surprising simplicity and inventive pathways outside of existing frameworks in culture and everyday life, testing self-sustainability and cultivating her own food and happiness slowly started to ferment into the normal triggering the umami.