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OSP (Open Source Publishing) does graphic design using only free and open-source software. Unlike the standard proprietary software of the industry, this open software allows for further examination and modification, often in collaboration with the community. OSP favours an intimate relation with its tools.

Founded in 2006 in the context of the Brussels art organisation Constant, the OSP caravan now comprises a group of individuals from different backgrounds and practices: typography, graphic design, cartography, programming, mathematics, writing, performance. In a collaborative practice, they work in workshops and on commissioned or self-initiated projects.

OSP has worked with organisations both large and small, and has collaborated with individual artists. It has organised workshops at many art schools (Royal College of Art, Merz Akademie, Piet Zwart Instituut) and festivals (Vietnam Open Design Week, Festival de Chaumont). Finally, in divided Belgium, it has won both the most beautiful book of Flanders and the most beautiful book of Brussels/Wallonia.

Members: Pierre Huyghebaert, Ludivine Loiseau, Pierre Marchand, Alexandre Leray, Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Eric Schrijver, Gijs de Heij, Sarah Magnan, Colm O'Neill. Past members include Femke Snelting, Harrisson, Nicolas Maleve, Yi Jiang, Ivan Monroy López, Seb Sanfilipo, and John Haltiwanger.