Odilia Yankova

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Odilia Yankova is one of a group of emerging multimedia artists of Bulgaria whose works have been selected for presentation at influential international (electronic) art forums such as Documenta X,( Kassel, Germany), Ostranenie'97 (Dessau, Germany), P.A.R.K. 4D TV, (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Polar Circuit (Tornio, Finland). One might argue that Odilia belongs to a handful of newly converted fine artists who have taken full advantage of the new emerging media art forms.

With a background in sculpture from the National Art Academy (Sofia, 1996) , Odilia has explored rapidly emerging new trends with an active role in such events as Video Show 5000 Seconds (1995), Crossing Over (1996-1997) and Polar Circuit (1997). In her 'Lazy Piece' (1996), for instance, the 'young and restless' Odilia turns the slow-moving, inquisitive camera eye to her own self in search of social and individual misconceptions about the body and identity of women artists and the pervasive emotion/mind clash. Her photo-installation triptych (1997), also questions the feminine stereotypes rooted in the context of non-Bulgarian popular culture.

Odilia was born in Varna in 1970 and currently lives and works in Sofia.