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* Obituaries: [https://frieze.com/article/how-curator-okwui-enwezor-1963-2019-changed-course-art Jörg Heiser] (Frieze), [https://www.sfai.edu/uploads/about-sfai/SFAI_Okwui_Enwezor_Press_Release_final.pdf SFAI], [https://www.juliet-artmagazine.com/en/remembering-okwui-enwezor/ Juliet Art Magazine].
* Obituaries: [https://frieze.com/article/how-curator-okwui-enwezor-1963-2019-changed-course-art Jörg Heiser] (Frieze), [https://www.sfai.edu/uploads/about-sfai/SFAI_Okwui_Enwezor_Press_Release_final.pdf SFAI], [https://www.juliet-artmagazine.com/en/remembering-okwui-enwezor/ Juliet Art Magazine], [http://www.thirdtext.org/bishop-enwezor Claire Bishop] (Third Text).
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[[Category:Art history]]  {{DEFAULTSORT:Enwezor, Okwui}}

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Okwui Enwezor (23 October 1963 – 15 March 2019) was a Nigerian curator, art critic, writer, poet, and educator, specializing in art history. He lived in New York City and Munich.


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