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Hackerspace in [[Bratislava]], started [[2010]]
'''Progressbar''' was a cowork and hackerspace in [[Bratislava]], operating from 2010-2020.
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Progressbar is first real existing space in Bratislava for meetings and social gathering of hackers, digital artists, geeks, hardware wizards and similarly minded people.
* https://progressbar.sk
Progressbar is a place made by volunteers for lectures, social events and mutual projects, located in the center of Bratislava at Cukrova 14 street - near “Medicka Zahrada” or bus station Mlynske Nivy.
* [https://www.facebook.com/progressbar/posts/3608395289176387 Announcement about closedown]
Progressbar is trying to be as open-minded as possible and always welcome new active members. Feel free to come at one of meetings or social events organized by PB. Most of the events of progressbar are for free and for everyone.

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Progressbar was a cowork and hackerspace in Bratislava, operating from 2010-2020.