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Magazine for critical media reflection published by HOST society at the Department of Media Studies and Journalism FSS MU Brno since 2001. Czech language. Also held as the course at the faculty.

Each issue is based on a relation between media and selected topic: pop culture (Number 1), propaganda (2), politics (3), globalization (4), digitalization (5), regulation (6), public service (7), education (8), gender (9), audience (10), sport (11).

Editor-in-chief: Lenka Císařová (until May 2005),
Editor: Jakub Macek,
Editorial office: Monika Metyková, Radovan Plášek, Marek Šebeš, Michal Šimůnek, Martin Škop, Barbora Vacková.
(includes full content of the most of the issues)