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* http://www.fundaciotapies.org/site/IMG/pdf/ddp_ang.pdf
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Sanja Iveković, 1975. Photo: Dalibor Martinis.
Collections MoMA 19, Generali 14, Kontakt 8, Reina Sofia 3, Stedelijk 1, Macba 1

Sanja Iveković (1949, Zagreb) is a Croatian artist.

Born in Zagreb, where she graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts and had her first solo exhibition in 1970. Her art production has spanned a range of media such as photography, performance, video and installations. The point of departure of her work was (and has remained until today) her own person, her own life - and by putting this theme into a broader context - the situation of women in our time and society. On Croatian art scene she was the first women artist who called herself a feminist artist. She lectures at the Center for Women's Studies in Zagreb since its begining in 1994. She is a founder of Electra - The Women's Art Center Zagreb.


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