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Born 1961 in Madrid. Digital luthier (FMOL, reacTable*...) and improviser (FMOL Trio, Gianni Gebbia...). Holds a PhD in digital communication from Pompeu Fabra University.

Began his computer music activities in 1984, after graduating in physics and abandoning saxophone. Since then he has always tried to combine with the greatest flexibility and interrelation, research, theoretical thought and artistic creation. During the eighties he worked on speech synthesis and explored music listening and improvising computer systems, performing with the Spanish experimental group Clónicos, and also composing electronic music and soundtracks for films, videos and dance projects.

Since 1993, he works in wider multimedia projects, installations and performances, collaborating with other visual and performing artists such as Konic Thr (IO-Zn and Kapsula-K), La Fura dels Baus (F@ust Music On Line) and Antunez. With the former, he has created the pigskin robot JoAn, the Meat Man (1993), Epizoo (1994-95), an interactive performance which has been showed in more than twenty European and American countries, and Afasia (1998-99). He has also written many articles, given workshops and lectured though Europe and America.

Since 1996, his two main interest lines are sound/image interrelation (the Video Choreographer software) and collective music composition through the Internet (F@ust Music On Line). He is associate professor at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona where he teaches acoustics and real-time interactive systems design and programming, and is codirector of the Master in Digital Arts. He currently performs with the free-improvisation electronic group FMOL Trio. Lives in Barcelona.