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  • Jacques Rancière (2006) - The Politics of Aesthetics / The Aesthetics of Politics
  • Chantal Mouffe (2007) - Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces
    Scrutinizing the ‘new spirit of capitalism’ Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello have shown how the demands for autonomy of the new movements of the 1960’s had been harnessed in the development of the post-Fordist networked economy and transformed in new forms of control. The aesthetic strategies of the counter-culture: the search for authenticity, the ideal of self-management, the anti-hierarchical exigency, are now used in order to promote the conditions required by the current mode of capitalist regulation, replacing the disciplinary framework characteristic of the Fordist period. Nowadays artistic and cultural production play a central role in the process of capital valorization and, through ‘neo-management’, artistic critique has become an important element of capitalist productivity.
  • Nicholas Bourriaud (2009) - Altermodern


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