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Established as a label in 2004 in Porto, Soopa is oriented around the axis of Jonathan Saldanha (a.k.a. hhy scumclash) and Filipe Silva (a.k.a. The Banshee), with a massive of collaborators.

Our work spans across style and geography, combining releases from local artists with albums by musicians from all over the world. The common denominator to the label's releases is an endless search for a transformation of reality, placing music at the center of transfixing phenomena, in various complementary contexts such as traditional and contemporary ritualism, subconscious cut-up/free-association, psychedelic mental states (minus the chemicals), or dub as a form of sound mapping; this approach is often made visible in the somewhat hallucinatory artwork for the label's releases and events.

In the 4 years since its inception, Soopa has released 11 titles by local artists such as hhy and Herzbeat Hotel, by transnational collaborative units like Mécanosphère and United Scum Soundclash, or by fellow travellers Spiral Joy Band (USA) and Mathieu Werchowski/David Chiesa (France).

Upcoming in the next months are releases by Porto's omnipresent grindcore drummer/electroacoustic composer Gustavo Costa, in his Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored guise (Soopa's first vinyl release) and by the brutal improv dynamic duo of John Hegre (Jazzkammer) and Marcelo Aguirre (Abominations, Pregnant Testicle).