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  • ...t is only its techniques that pale, and on the other hand, they provide us with a historical record of several generations of artists and writers. Although ...f engaged publishing, a practice whose concerns extend from the content of pages to their ink and fiber. They are relevant not only for historians and art c
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  • With [[Dušan Barok]] (Bergen), [[Matthew Fuller]] (London), [[Geraldine Juárez ...submitting it to some crude form of text-⁠mining, I'd like to make a start with finding out what emerges between these two very different approaches of kno
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  • ...role in the emergence of [[Conceptual art]] between 1966 and 1972, working with artists such as Carl Andre, Robert Barry, [[Douglas Huebler]], Joseph Kosut ...For several months the gallery also deals in Oriental rugs in partnership with Robert Gaile.
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