Stanislav Zippe

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Stanislav Zippe is one of a few contemporary artists who apply light in his work although the light does not necessarily have to be the main theme nor the only expression means. His relation to light has been changing within years. The artist who attended the sculpture school in Horice 1957 - 1961 soon left the volume and shapes far behind. He became concerned much more with processes of dematerialisation, light itself and space.

Zippe's journey appears rather logic: from use of natural light striking on the surface of shape he attained the light kinetics objects and then light installations, realm where he works until today. Despite the fact that Zippe's works are not produced in large amounts, some of his realizations became a text book examples from history of Czech kinetic art after the World war 2nd. Light and movement was not the goal itself, but only a means. The artist once said:"The realisation is only what you are looking at right now, but what you can actually see is only your matter". His attitude excluding any symbolic or narrative contents and pointing at sole cleareness of the work itself leads to an important simplification. This simplification has a long tradition in modern art focusing on the primary visuality which constricts to the very perception.

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