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Steve Rushton is an artist and writer. He teaches writing and research methodologies at the Piet Zwart Institute and is a PhD candidate at the Leiden University, School of Humanities, Leiden. He is a founding member of Signal:Noise, an experimental cross-disciplinary research project that aims to explore the influence of cybernetics and information theory on contemporary cultural life by testing out its central idiom, ‘feedback’, through debates, artworks, publications, performances, events and exhibitions. He has been a writer and editor for a range of projects with artists such as Rod Dickinson and Thomson & Craighead. His publications include the anthology of his writings Masters of Reality (Piet Zwart Institute/Sternberg Press, 2012), the series "How Media Masters Reality" for First / Last Newspaper, issues 1-6, Dexter Sinister (2009); "New Walden", HB2, Issue 1 (CAC, Glasgow, 2008); Experience, Memory, Re-enactment (with Anke Bangma and Florian Wüst, Piet Zwart Institute/Revolver, 2005); The Milgram Re-enactment (Revolver, 2003). He holds a BA in Hons Fine Art from the Sheffield Hallam University (1977-1980), post-graduate research and theory at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (2001-2002).