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subRosa is a mutable (cyber)feminist art collective combining art, social activism and politics to explore and critique the intersections of information and bio technologies on women’s bodies, lives and work.

Since its founding in 1998, subRosa has developed situated, trans-disciplinary, performative, and discursive practices that create open-ended environments where participants engage with objects, texts, digital technologies, and critical learning experiences interacting with each other and the artists. subRosa has performed, exhibited, lectured and published in the USA, Spain, Britain, Holland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Mexico, Canada, Slovenia, and Singapore, and has received many commissions for its work as well as funding from the Creative Capital Foundation, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon.

Many of subRosa’s publications can be downloaded freely at A DVD with short documentary videos of signal performances from 2000–2005: please send an email inquiry for more information. Most of our DVD has been digitized and can be viewed online at ArtFem.TV. (2023)