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SUMMIT non-aligned initiatives in education culture. 24-28 May 2007 in Berlin.

The four-day event focusses on four thematic tracks: "Knowledge and Migrancy", "Self-authorization, -organization, -valorization", "Creative Practices" and "Education unrealized and ongoing". SUMMIT features an evening program with lectures, curated dialogs and performances, a series of meetings and sessions in working groups caucuses, workshops, drafting sessions and history lessons as well as open forums for initiating proposals, highlighting practices and making theory urgent.

Designed by Irit Rogoff and Florian Schneider in collaboration with Kodwo Eshun, Susanne Lang, Nicolas Siepen and Nora Sternfeld. Organization: Multitude e.V., together with Goldsmiths College, London University and Witte de With, Rotterdam. Funded by the Culture Foundation, Germany.

  • Event website (archived)
  • Angelika Nollert, Irit Rogoff (eds.), Academy, Frankfurt/Main: Revolver, 2006, 280 pp. [1]