Tatiana Mogilevskaya

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Art critic and supervisor of videoart exhiitions. Starting from 1992 she specialises on new technologies art. In 1993 in cooperation with Mr. Jullies Morel and French producer company "Coronado Films" she started collection of Russian vedeoart Vent D'Est ('Wind From the East") . In 1994-95 - she established and supervised videogallery PTYUTCH in night club PTYUTCH. Together with Sergei Shutov she presented club's PTYUTCH special project - making videocomics in reality (videodjeis Vladimir Mogilevsky, Alexander Sidorov, Sandy Revizorov, Ruslan Rubansky, Sergei Sidorov and others). In 1995 she worked as a producer in cooperation with the press office First Channel of French TF1 in Moscow. At present time she is an employee of French newspaper Liberasion in Moscow.