Tomáš Štrauss

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Born 1931. Studied at the College of Political and Economic Sciences and at the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Charles University in Prague. After 1968, restriction of pedagogical and publishing activity. Also actively worked in the alternative culture. Upon the invitation of DuMont publishing house in 1980, he moved to Germany. He lectured at several universities abroad. Since 1955, he has published almost 700 expert studies, reviews and articles in journals; for example his work Art Today (Umenie dnes) was published as a book. An Attempt for an Artistic Essay (Pokus o umeleckú esej) (1968); The Slovak Variant of Moderna (Slovenský variant moderny) – samizdat (1979, published as a book in 1992); Zwischen Ost- und Westkunst. Von der Avantgarde zur Postmoderne (1995); This Shitty 20th Century (Toto posrané 20. storočie); and Art versus Ideology? (Umenie kontra ideológia? (2006, 2007).