Topics and directions of the project

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To start with, three main topics are selected to preliminary elaborate on. The participating artists can elaborate on them, add their own interpretations and ideas, and give them shape within the given project non-regarding their discipline.

  • 1.Diachronicity

Collection of stories, facts and other findings from archives as well as from people living, working and crossing the area. Interviews and other forms of investigation will form the tools for this topic. The material will be physically available for anyone in the (existing) 13 Kubikov library.

  • 2.Alternative economies

Experimenting with 'other' forms of the standard economy, using the left overs from the former industry that was situated before on the 13 kubikov site, and redesigning them into different other functional and imaginative objects. In this area with an outspoken commercial aesthetics, and a consumer based transaction style, this forces to critical rethinking about the way we 'belong' to certain places. Alternative economies are based on exchange and interaction which will be explored throughout the project. The 'garbage belt' will become an intersting source of design by inventing a re-use for what is considered abandoned and without value.

  • 3.Mindmapping

The technique of psychogeography will be used to map the area in yet a different way. Based on the tracking down of companies that have their outlets there, a kind of “mindmap” will connect the economical histories with a critical view on actual developments. The same psychogeographic technique (derive) will be used to explore the area , and be confronted with unexpected views of a place that is no place in many people's eyes.

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