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Ivor Diosi Tradeshow 1996 Neon Sign web.jpg


Ivor Diosi


TradeShow (2050)


TradeShow presents items from an imagined cyberpunk dystopian future as immediately purchasable, concrete products on the show floor of a make-believe industry trade fair. The items span a spectrum of body enhancement implants, DIY DNA modification kits, cyberpunk urban warfare weapons and self-defense gadgets, anti-surveillance obfuscation, and network and hardware hacking tools.

Actual 90's iconic consumer products are re-purposed as cyberpunk accessories and gadgets from 2050. The products' features and benefits are elaborated on promotional leaflets accompanying the items' "expo" presentation. Their function is not explicitly stated on the promotional material, it is understood that the knowledgeable customer will infer the intended purpose of each piece from the advertised features.




objects, posters, flyers, ironic design

Private Collections / Destroyed

Exhibition history

  • C64/Amiga demoscene private show, Budapest, Hungary, August 1996.
  • "runaway", SPACE/Gallery Priestor for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, May 2006.