Traian Herseni

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Traian Herseni (February 18, 1907 – July 17, 1980) was a Romanian social scientist, journalist, and political figure. First noted as a favorite disciple of Dimitrie Gusti, he helped establish the Romanian school of rural sociology in the 1920s and early '30s, and took part in interdisciplinary study groups and field trips. A prolific essayist and researcher, he studied isolated human groups across the country, trying to define relations between sociology, ethnography, and cultural anthropology, with an underlying interest in sociological epistemology. He was particularly interested in the peasant cultures and pastoral society of the Făgăraș Mountains.


(in Romanian unless noted otherwise)

by Herseni
  • Individ și societate în satul Fundul Moldovei, 1932
  • Teoria monografiei sociologice, 1934
  • Realitatea socială, 1935
  • Sociologia românească, 1940
  • Probleme de sociologie pastorală, 1941
  • Drăguş - un sat din Țara Oltului (Făgăraş), 1944
  • Sociologie şi etică, 1968
  • Psihologia organizării întreprinderilor industriale, 1969
  • Sociologia literaturii, 1973
  • Sociologia limbii, 1975
  • Literatura şi civilizație: încercare de antropologie literară, 1976
  • Ce este sociologia?, 1981
  • Sociologie, 1982
on Herseni
  • Florenţa Stăvărache, Traian Hersen. Sociolog şi antropolog, Cluj Napoca: Argonaut, 2012, 200 p. [1]