Viktor Ulyanich

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(b. 1956) lives in Moscow, where he works for the Central Musical Informatics Service. Ulyanich was one of founders of the All-Union Informatics and Computing Technique Society. Although the computer can be used in many different ways, Ulyanich uses it only to build the form of his compositions and to print his scores. His music is intended for live perfor- mance and is always composed for traditional instruments: for example, "Light Game" is composed for a harp quartette; "To the Reason" for strings, winds and percussion; "Space Breathing" for a brass quintette; and "In Paroxysms of Time" for six percussion instruments. In essence, his work repre- sents an intermediate stage between traditional music and computer music. Ulyanich, however, does not agree with this and has even created a special theory to substantiate his method of composing. His compositions can be considered intellectual.