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WORM is the ultimate test environment for alternative art production, experimental ways of living and non-academic knowledge development. We are a network organisation at the intersection of (popular) culture and (performing) arts, fueled by an abiding interest in all the inspiring, beautiful, urgent, vital, raw, unruly and / or crazy shit that our fellow human beings come up with. We do not see the chaos that comes with it as a problem; rather we use it as energy for action.

The Open City is situated on the Boomgaardsstraat, just off the Witte de Withstraat in the centre of Rotterdam. The City has two events stages, fully operating analogue and digital cinema facilities, the S/ash Gallery exhibition space, the UBIK performance space, the Pirate Bay media archive, WORM Sound Studio, Filmwerkplaats and #Wunderbar café. Here, we organise and host film screenings, talks, exhibitions, performances and theatre, concerts, club nights, debates, workshops, readings guerrilla actions and much more. (2023)

The predecessor of WORM, Dodorama, was founded in 1994 as a new stage for contemporary music, and was located at Rochussenstraat 169 in Rotterdam. In 2000, WORM was formed from the merger of podium Dodorama, film workshop Studio Een and Popifilm, which provided programmed film evenings. [1]