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The autonomous cultural center WUK (short for Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus) in Vienna with its 12.000 m2 is considered one of the biggest complexes of its kind in Europe. It is rooted in the ideas and demands of the 1970s for spaces to enable contemporary cultural activities. Active participation, self-management, and grassroots democracy form the basic philosophy of WUK.

The WUK association was founded in 1979. The building complex, a former locomotive factory, was squatted in 1981, and official recognition was followed by the first subsidy from the City of Vienna.

WUK provides a venue as well as organizational support to those interested in art, politics, and social engagement. The WUK is based on three organizational mainstays: the venue (WUK Cultural productions, consisting of WUK Theatre, WUK Culture for Kids, WUK Music, and visual art in the Kunsthalle Exnergasse), its job training and counseling projects (WUK Education and Counseling), and the 130 autonomous groups (WUK Autonomy) working in the house.