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XS4ALL was the first Internet Provider for individuals in The Netherlands. Founded in 1993, it had over 60.000 customers and ranks as the 3d ISP in the Netherlands in 1999. XS4ALL is best known for its public actions in a wide range of internet-issues, varying from privacy and cryptography to a fear stance against wiretapping by state & police.

Felipe Rodriquez and Rop Gonggrijp are the directors of XS4all which has been restructured from a foundation into a commercial venture in early 1995. XS4all started as the Hacktic Network which was the brainchild of a loosely organised Dutch hackers group which was also publishing the same-named magazine (1989-1994). Rop Gonggrijp has been the figure-head of Hacktic since its inception somewhere in the mid-80s. Felipe Rodriquez, who was running a couple of BBSs himself, joined in 1990.