Yuri Abramochkin

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Yuri Abramochkin (Born 11th of December 1936) was born to a family of intellectuals in Moscow. He lost his parents at an early age and was forced to start working while he at the same time got interested in photography.

In 1957 Abramochkin made his first photo reportage about the World festival of youth and students. He worked for a number of newspapers and learned the secrets of photography. The objects of his work have been among others Nikita Khruchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Charles de Gaulle, Willy Brandt, Francois Mitterand, Richard Nixon, Urho Kekkonen, Jaques Giraque, Bill Clinton and other well known politicians, scientist and artists [1].


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