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Telekomunmunist International, satellite event of Transmediale Festival, in Berlin on 2016/02/26, photo by Alp Klanten
Born Čapljina, SFR Yugoslavia, Republic of Bosnia&Herzegovina
Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Čapljina, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Berlin, Germany

Zeljko Blace (b. 1976) is (in)consistently working in(between) contemporary culture, media technologies and sport - cross-pollinating queer, media and social practices.


Born 1976. in Čapljina (then SFR Yugoslavia, now Bosnia&Herzegovina). Lives and works internationally from Zagreb. Active in Croatia's new media culture scene since 1996, originally as web designer, artist and journalist -- and later also in roles of organizer, researcher and curator.

Works(/ed) (with)in several media culture focuse NGOs:

  1. LABinary, as co-editor of printed newsletter and organizer of events new.media.culture.week & ASU2
  2. radioActive, as web editor, journalis and co-organizer of workshops/productions
  3. Multimedia Institute, mostly as program/project coordinator in net.culture club MaMa and curator of exhibitions and events.

As journalist and reporter contributed to cultural programs of the national radio and TV (programs:"Transfer" and "Triptih"), occasionally publishing in IT magazines, more regularly in the cultural magazine Zarez and on radioActive and linux.hr webportals.

Actively promotes non-profit net projects and is working on strengthening the impact of NGO sector on Croatian netspace (both in terms of infrastructure and legislation).

Exhibited as visual artist and performed as VJ with Croatian electro-acoustic-glitch duo Jeanne Fremaux. Participated as speaker/presenter at several international events (including Ars Electronica Festival, Net Congestion, Next 5 Minutes, PingInProgress, NC48 - Graz, Money Nations II..). Since 2000 works actively as a networker internationaly and has been (co-)organizing international events in Croatia: Art Servers Unlimited 2 (Labin, Sep 2001), new.media.culture.week Critical Upgrade! (Zagreb, May 2002) and Tactical media events towards Next 5 Minutes 4 (in Dubrovnik, May 2003 and Vis, August 2003). Initiated Croatian media-art-hr and regional nettime-see mailing lists.

In 2003 established a.network, a co-ordination/production platform of regional media labs/centers, groups and individuals with mission to present new media culture and production in the South-East Europe.

As of 2005 works actively in QueerSport organizing and instigating sport and recreation activities, discursive community events, presents and published on LGBT/Queer realities in sport. In 2006 co-founded qSPORT - society for sport recreation of LGBTQs www.qSPORT.info. Works across art/cultural and social/political axis on collaborative projects www.QueerSport.info