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Zafer Topaloglu, former video artist and documentary filmmaker, is now part of the artist duo Backtopoints. He holds a B.A in Film-Tv from Istanbul Bilgi University, and an MDes in Media Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Piet Zwart Institute.

Backtopoints is an artist duo founded by brothers Zafer and Tuna Topaloğlu. Before forming the duo, Zafer was an active video artist within the international video/film arts scene, showcasing his work at numerous prestigious festivals such as the European Media Art Festival, Darklight Film Festival, Videobrasil, Videomedeja, Videoformes, India Art Fair, Room Art Fair, Les Instant Video Art Festival, and Art Bengaluru Fair. Meanwhile, Tuna was deeply engaged in his own video game projects.

Their shared passion for collaboration led them to establish the duo. Backtopoints’ artistic practice revolves around constructing abstract presences and structures that constantly undergo transformation, conversion, and reformation. This characteristic imbues their works with a seamless flow of in-between states, inviting the audience to appreciate not only the entirety of the artwork but also the aesthetic nuances formed during its construction. In their recent works, Backtopoints explores the representation of complex data through unique artistic perspectives, with a particular focus on interface design for data representation.

In addition to showcasing their art on various NFT platforms such as Nifty Gateway and Foundation, Backtopoints has recently exhibited at Muze Gazhane, EmaarArtHub İstanbul, Turkey Innovation Week 2022/2023, TEKIL 17, Digital Art From Sketch to Pixel Cappadocia edition, and NFT.NYC 2024.

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