4AM Forum for architecture and media

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4AM Forum for Architecture and Media – a meeting point for new approaches and diverse activities in the field of contemporary architecture and new media.

The team consists of theorists, architects, artists and specialists on contemporary audiovisual art and architecture.

4AM activity is oriented in two directions :   The aim is to create an educational and experimental platform for contemporary architecture, which is still missing in Brno as well as in the rest of the Czech Republic. The intention is also to offer a common space for information on contemporary and historic architecture accessible to general public via publications, databases, exhibitions and lectures. It will also serve as an area for architects and students and their creative work and experiments within international workshops or happenings.   The other target of 4AM is new media and recently planned Media-lab. It is to follow up with the already existing Network Culture festival "Multiplace", which has been taking place in Brno since 2007. It is a network of people and organizations who share an interest in the interaction between art, technology, culture and society. Activities of this network culminate in an annual international festival, which takes place simultaneously at various locations throughout the world. The project is aimed to build a long-term functional platform in Brno and a base for activities in the field of contemporary visual and media arts - space for workshops and discussions, the library of new media.