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Beginning in 1994, ABCD Interactive Magazine was published quarterly. The magazine's production team, including András Nyírõ and István Szakadát, has gained lifetime membership within the domestic digital community. After publishing the disk entitled Politika, they compiled the multimedia CD entitled A Guide of Budapest for Martians written by Antal Szerb. Then came ABCD, which was filled quarterly with tons of new and special materials. The permanent columns were entitled as follows: "The Net", "Facing the Computer", "MIDI", "Method", "Press Club", "Browsing", "Studio", "Gallery", "Concert", "Bookshelf", etc. The contents ranged from fiction to films, from the internet to contemporary music, from media arts to entire texts from Magyar Narancs, the multimedia version of Sándor Petõfi's poem Helység kalapácsa to the entire works of Shakespeare, from a program that composes Mozart-like music to the singing of Allan Ginsberg.

IDG ceased to publish ABCD in 1996, citing financial problems as the reason. First Nyirõ and then Szakadát, as well, moved their operations to the Web.

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