ACT ESOL Language, Resistance, Theatre

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ACT ESOL Language, Resistance, Theatre
Author Nicolas Vass, ACT ESOL
Editors Nelly Alfandari, Amal Khalaf, Becky Winstanley, Frances Rifkin
Design Elisabeth Klement
Language English
Publisher Serpentine Galleries (free)
City London
Year 2019
E-book PDF (87 mb), PDF (21 mb, from publisher)

ACT ESOL is an ongoing practice-led collaborative research project initiated by Serpentine Projects in partnership with English for Action. The project brings together English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teachers and students with theatre director Frances Rifkin (Implicated Theatre) and artist researcher Nelly Alfandari to develop a political and participatory ESOL approach that combines language-learning with a focus on resistance.

The publication features a comic and illustrations by artist Nicolas Vass and is designed by Elisabeth Klement. ACT ESOL Research Group is: Nelly Alfandari, Dermot Bryers, Alexander Black, Elizabeth Graham, Amy Jowett, Amal Khalaf, Barbara Labiejko, Lawrence Leason, Liz Mytton, Silva Perin, Frances Rifkin, Jess Walker, Becky Winstanley and Nicolas Vass. (from publisher)