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Adam Hyde (b. New Zealand) is the founder of Coko (Collaborative Knowledge Foundation).

Originally he led technical projects, building platforms, methodologies and communities at Coko to support open source collaborative knowledge production and publication as part of the academic process. Recently however his remit has been extended to oversight of all operations.

Adam Hyde is also the founder of Book Sprints, paged.js, Cabbage Tree Labs, FLOSS Manuals, Open Publishing Awards. Over the past 15 years he has been on a mission to transform publishing and knowledge production through innovation in workflows, development of technology, and facilitation. He has designed facilitation methodologies such as Workflow Sprints, The Cabbage Tree Method and Book Sprints and led the development of open source software for publishing such as PubSweet, Editoria, BookType and many more. Since 2015 he has been a Shuttleworth Fellow.

He has helped many organisations and companies transform the way they produce and publish knowledge. These include Cisco, Safari Books, World Bank, eLife, Collabra Psychology Journal, Wormbase, ArXiv, Hindawi, Punctum Books, Atla, Auckland University of Technology, eLife, Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, Transparency International, University of California Press, Californian Digital Library, GIZ, USAid, UNECA, Public Library of Science, F5, OpenStack, Open Oil, Free Software Foundation, Google Summer of Code, and the United Nations Development Project. (2020)

Adam Hyde has a background in television and radio in New Zealand, where he founded the radio network and Static Television, New Zealand's first community television station. He relocated in Europe in 1999, and worked as a producer and manager at the internet service provider, XS4ALL in Amsterdam between 1999-2003. Whilst in Amsterdam, he co-founded HelpB92 and Open Channels for Kosovo, which assisted independent media in the former Yugoslavia. He was also the initiator of Net.Congestion: the International Festival of Streaming Media, held in Amsterdam in October 2000, and a co-founder of the Open Source Streaming Alliance, an initiative that has established several internationally distributed, streaming media servers for arts and cultural use.