Adina Caloenescu

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Adina Caloenescu

Adina Caloenescu (18 February 1934, Buzău - 13 October 2011, Düsseldorf) was a Romanian painter, illustrator and engraver, member of the Artists Union of Romania, from 1973 and of the Rhine-Westphalien BBK, Düsseldorf, Germany.

She settled in Germany and produced works that combine mathematics research and constructivism, reaching, after 1980, the informal art (Limit Earth, from the Space script series).

"Her experiences are situated on a post-cubist line and by some sides, approaching and abstract expressionism coordinates. At the exhibition of 1974, concern for construction directly related to architecture in the spirit of Gabo's and Pevsner's constructivism became dominant, indicating the stability of evolutionary parameters" (Octavian Barbosa).


  • Octavian Barbosa, Dicţionarul artiştilor români contemporani, Bucharest: Meridiane, 1976, p 91. (Romanian)

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