Aernoudt Jacobs

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Born in 1968 in Wilrijk, Belgium. fascinated by sound, no matter what the form. With a microphone and recorder he makes field recordings. His sound work is the result of an investigation into how the sounds from the field recordings can be processed into an artistic context. Field recordings for Jacobs are more than just recordings. The facts, memories and context of the recording are more interesting and provide an additional reason for (re)constructing them.

The work fluctuates between micro and macro, inside and outside, fieldwork and studio, reality and fiction. Perception is an important aspect of his sound work. Observing music, sound and harmonies is a physical, emotional and intellectual activity that is always associated with personal memories. The characteristics of a certain sound/piece of music will influence the value of the perception differently for each individual. Hearing a sound on the radio for instance can have just as deep an impact as listening to a car driving by. This association is made clear in most of Jacobs' work. With the help of psycho-acoustic theories Jacobs studies how listening can be influenced and how you can express sound physically, spatially and emotionally.

Jacobs' work is shown in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, New York, Norway, Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands. Lives in Brussels.