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Alessandro Cipriani (1959) completed his studies in music composition and electroacoustic music at the Conservatorio S.Cecilia in Rome. Since 1989 he has worked on intermedia pieces and audio-video multichannel and interactive installations, often in collaboration with visual artist Alba D'Urbano and director Giulio Latini, and on pieces for instruments and tape. More recently he has composed electroacoustic pieces with traditional religious singers and soundtracks for creative film-documentaries and silent movies, integrating an advanced concept of fusion between dialogue, sound environment and music. His works have received honors and have been selected for performance at Bourges, Government of Canada Award, International Computer Music Conference 94, 95, 99, 2002, 2003, 2008, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Musica Nova (Praha), Newcomp (U.S.A.), Inventionen (Berlin - Germany), Venice Biennale, Festival di Ravenna, Engine 27 (New York), CalArts/RedCat Festival - Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles etc. A monographic CD, “Al Nur”, including his electroacoustic trilogy on religious chant, was released on CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye in 2001. Computer Music Journal selected one of his multi-channel pieces (in surround 5.1) to be included in the annual DVD in 2003. Other pieces have been published by EDIPAN, ICMC ’95 AND ’99, Computer Music Journal DVD, RAI TRADE, Everglade, etc.). He published several articles (Organised Sound, Musica/Realtà etc.) and the textbooks Virtual Sound and Electronic Music and Sound Design on sound synthesis and signal processing with Csound and Max/MSP in collaboration with Riccardo Bianchini and Maurizio Giri on ConTempoNet. He is tenured professor of electroacoustic music at the Conservatory of Frosinone (Rome). He has taught and lectured about his music and his theory of 'electroacoustic tradition' at several Academies and Universities in Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. (Univ. of California - Santa Barbara, Sibelius Academy - Helsinki, Accademia S.Cecilia- Rome etc.) He is member of the Editorial Board of the review Organised Sound (Cambridge Press University) and one of the founding members of Edison Studio.