Alfred Freddy Krupa

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Alfred Freddy Krupa, Expression of the Present, 2013.
Alfred Freddy Krupa, Tree on the Riverbank.

Alfred Freddy Krupa (Krūppa) (14 June 1971) is a Croatian contemporary artist (painter, master draughtsman, book artist, art photographer and art teacher)[1][2]. Krupa, the author of the "New Ink Art Manifesto" (1996)[3], is considered one of the pioneers of the New Ink Art movement and as one of the leading representatives of the modern European ink painting[4][5]. The original manuscript of the New Ink Art Manifesto is the property of the documenta (exhibition) archiv, records and papers collection (Aktenarchiv) in Kassel (the access number docA-97)[6].

New Ink Art[edit]

Artists associated with the New Ink Art movement: Lui Shou-Kwan, Chui Tze-Hung, Wong King-Seng, Yu-Ichi, Qiu Anxiong, Lin Fengmian, Kan Tai-Keung, Leung But-Yin, Zhu Yu, Gu Wenda Xu Beihong, Carrie Koo Mei, Alfred Freddy Krupa, Wang Tiande, Irene Chou Lu Yun, Yeung Yick-Chung, Liu Dan, Yang Yiechang,