Alfred Sache

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Alfred Sache (Saché, c. 1853–1885) was an Indian-based commercial photographer, eldest son of John Edward Saché.

Working on a seasonal basis, he also opened his own premises in Benares in 1874, which he managed for one season till March 1875. The following month, he established another studio in the hill station of Kasauli, where he also became agent for the sale of his father’s photographs. Between 1876 and 1881, Alfred’s professional activity remains uncertain; the birth of his first child in March 1876 in Amballa and his second child in 1880 in Lahore suggests he may have worked as a photographer in both cities. In 1881, he opened a studio in Dalhousie, which he ran for a few years before traveling to Lahore again, where he possibly established the firm A. Saché & Co before he died in 1885. The firm continued till 1895, possibly run by his half brother John, who was John Edward Saché’s son by his second wife Annie, and managed a studio in Lahore between 1886 and 1895. From 1896, the business A. Saché & Co was renamed Saché & Co and remained in activity till 1900 [1].