Allison Carruth

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Allison Carruth is currently serving as Associate Director of the Program in Science, Technology and Society at Stanford University and will join the faculty at UCLA in the Department of English in fall 2012. Her major fields are contemporary American literature, science and technology studies, food studies and environmental criticism. In her scholarship, she focuses on two developments that have shaped American literature and visual culture in the period since the Second World War: the industrialization of food systems and the commercialization of biotechnologies. Her first book is Global Appetites, American Power and the Literature of Food (under contract with Cambridge University Press. She recently started a second project entitled “The Transgenic Age,” which compares contemporary forms of fiction, poetry and bioart that explore the horizons of life science research (particularly in the areas of genetic engineering and tissue culturing). Articulating often an environmental politics, this emergent cultural field questions the historical investments of U.S. environmentalism in conservation and remediation while positing alternative principles of generation, re-creation and repurposing.