Alo Allik

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Born 1973 in Estonia. Aka Tehis. Sound artist and producer who has been actively involved in a number of music scenes internationally since the early 1990s. His output as a dj, composer and performer over the years has evolved through drum and bass, ambient, deep house, and more obscure subgenres of electronic dance music to miniature forms and expressions in computerised audio and spatio-rhythmic electroacoustic music.

Turned to experimental electronic music after a dj career in Seattle. Music related studies: BA in Computer Music and Auditory Perception from University of Washington, Seattle, WA in 2001, MA in Sonology from the Institute of Sonology (Koninklijk Conservatoire) in 2005. Over the past few years, Alo has been working on complex systems algorithms, ambisonic spatialization techniques, automated real-time processing, which resulted from involvement in the New York digital arts community Share.

Works with SuperCollider since late 90s, currently working on Ph.D. in the UK.