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The topic Alternative Economies was based on experimenting with 'other' forms of the standard economy, using the left overs from the former industry that was situated before on the 13 kubikov site, and redesigning them into different other functional and imaginative objects. In this area with an outspoken commercial aesthetics, and a consumer based transaction style, this forces to critical rethinking about the way we 'belong' to certain places. Alternative economies are based on exchange and interaction which will be explored throughout the project. The 'garbage belt' will become an intersting source of design by inventing a re-use for what is considered abandoned and without value.

Recombinant design[edit]

Recombinant design was basically building useful out of the otherwise non useful. Materials we found in the area were taken and made into objects - mainly furniture. We were able to build new shelfes from trashed wood in convenient shape and we also managed to build new lamps out of huge glass bulbs we found trashed in one place. Through the combination with new material new objects arrived. Today these objects are useful pieces of furniture. (pictures coming soon) - reclaim your local market centers[edit]

The Global Distribution of Products ( focusses on availability of instruments. Some products are distributed literally all over the world. Any globalised product can be an instrument - therefore every hardware market or super market becomes the stage for and befriended concepts. The products will not be bought for the concert, but used directly in the space itself. During the concert the audience shall not shop. is also further investigating the conditions for a new industrial in the music.

'Pictures of a Baumaxx' is the first concert of that took place on the 28th of September 2006 in a hardware market in Bratislava. The opera consist of 21 parts that you can download here.

Pictures of a Baumaxx
01-sinfonia silberner metallstuecke (sinfonia of silver metalpieces)
02-entracte silberner panele (interlude of silver panels)
03-klagelied der schwarzen baueimer (elegy of the black buckets)
04-chor der ytong steine (choir of the ytong stones)
05-arie der lustigen hartplastikplatte (aria of the funny duroplastic plates)
06-ensemble diverser plastikteile (ensemble of various plasticpieces)
07-entracte klappernden metalls (interlude of the rattling metal)
08-chor der baertigen holzlatten (choir of the bearded wooden bars)
09-ensemble der froehlichen kleinteile (ensemble of the happy little parts)
10-duett der aufklappbaren treppen und der tuerverpackung (duet between the folding stairs and the wrapping of the door)
11-ballade von der feindschaft zwischen metall und holz (ballad of the enmity between metal and wood)
12-lied der raeder auf ihrem gestell (song of the wheels on their rack)
13-arie der maurerkellen (aria of the trowels)
14-tanz der kleinen schraeubchen (dance of the little screws)
15-rezitativ der gummireifen (recitative of the gumtires)
16-kesselsong (kettlesong)
17-zwischenspiel des kunstrasens (interlude of the synthetic turf)
18-sinfonia silberner metallstueck-reprise (sinfonia of silvern metalpieces - reprise)
19-entracte silberner panele-reprise (interlude of silver panels - reprise)
20-klagelied der schwarzen baueimer-reprise (elegy of the black buckets - reprise)
21-finale der lustigen hartplastikplatten (finale of the funny duroplastic plates)