Ana Peraica

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Born Split, Croatia, Yugoslavia
Lives in Split, Croatia

Ana Peraica is the author of The Age of Total Images (Amsterdam, 2019), Fotografija kao dokaz (Zagreb, 2018), Culture of the Selfie (Amsterdam, 2017) and editor of a number of books. Her essays in the domains of visual studies and media theory have been published in journals such as Leonardo, Afterimage, Photographies, Philosophy of Photography, and in magazines such as Springerin, Art & Education Papers, Documenta Magazine, Pavilion, and Flash Art, while book chapters with Routledge, MIT Press, Blackwell, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, Intellect books, and Sage, among other publishers.

She is a Visiting Professor at University of Danube in Krems, Austria. Previously she was a Visiting Fellow at Central European University in Budapest. She has also been teching with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

In addition to teaching and writing on photography, Ana Peraica also still runs a photo atelier, opened in 1934 by grandfather and latter led by her father, in Split, Croatia.