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Anastasia Georgaki was born in Lefkada. She studied Physics (University of Athens, 1986) and Music (accordion, piano, harmony, counterpoint, 1981-1990) at the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens. She studied also Computer music and music acoustics and informatics at IRCAM (DEA, 1991) and accompolished her PhD in Music and Musicology of the XXth century in 1997. During the period 1995-2002 she has been teaching Musical Acoustics and Computer music at the Music Department of the Ionian University at Corfu where she has been elected lecturer in 2001. In 2002 she has moved to the Music Department of University of Athens as lecturer in Music technology and since October 2007 she is assistant professor in Music Technology at the same department.

She has participated in many computer music conferences and has published a number of articles concerning the synthesis of the singing voice, the interactive music systems and the Greek electroacoustic music. She is actually collaborating with the Computer science department (University of Athens) on physical modelling of Greek traditional instruments and Greek singing modelling. Her research projects focus on controlling synthetic voices through a MIDI-accordion in an electroacoustic music environment, archiving of Greek electroacoustic music, aesthetics of the applications of new technologies in music creation, applications of music technology in education, music technology and visual music concerning the remodelling of the voice.

Last, she is a professional accordion player (, having performed in many concerts all over Greece with her quintet , with orchestras and other groups.