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Joined the Bauhaus in October 1921, from April 1922 in mural painting workshop.

Andor Weininger was a strong supporter of Gropius. Weininger remained at the academy even after the dissolution of KURI group. From 1923 on, he became interested in abstract set design, and in 1924, he and two other former KURI members helped to found the Bauhaus orchestra. Gropius highly appreciated Weininger's skills, among which were his ability to create a cheerful yet elevated tone at their evening meetings, and his constant efforts at maintaining a good collective feeling. Later, Gropius tried hard to bring him back to Dessau, even going so far as to personally release him from workshop obligations.

Weininger joined the mechanical stage experiments initiated by two former KURI members, Kurt Schmidt and Georg Teltscher, in their abstract puppet shows developed from simple geometrical shapes and figures. The experiments combined De Stijl's construction of space, based on pure colors and geometrical shapes, with the theatrical concept of the Bauhaus, which increasingly gained importance from 1923 on under the strong influence of Oskar Schlemmer.

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