André Carvalho Hostalácio

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André Hostalácio is a Brazilian with knowledge in music production, generative art and performance, graduated in graphic designer from FUMEC University in Brazil (2003 and 2007).

Along the curse of Design, sound studies grew up with a great importance, stimulating a new optic of Design and semiotics, and as a result, Hepublished the first Sound Design project inside the University.

The graduation project, titled ” Sonema “, a mix of the words cinema and “som ” (sound), He ministered workshops in the “favelas” (shantytown), working with local artists, proposing sound story tales and sound perception development.

In 2002, he participated in the department of mobile cellphones research in the company Takenet (Br), working together with musicians, engineers and designers. At the same time, studying Music theory in the “Fundaçao Artística de Música” in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Further, in 2004, received the premium ” Imprevisões” for developing new cultural sound projects by the State of Minas Gerais. And at the same time enjoy for three years in the Circus school, “Spasso” presenting multi-media pieces in festivals all over the country. In 2006 was founded the ” Azucrina Collective ” (, where he was responsable for the project development department, sound department and management, where he organized concerts, party’s, music production and sound forensics.

Deeply involve with new research sound field, He moved to Berlin in April 2008, to study at University of the Arts Berlin (UDK), department of Art and Media, having classes with Alberto de Campo and Fredrik Olofsson. He also participate in festivals, workshops and symposiums, as TunedCity, Transmediale and XXXXX.

In 2010 he released two techno singles with the labels “TonKind” and “Freizeitglauben”, two of the most respectable Berlin underground labels.

He is part of an association called “LA54″, a collective of more than 20 artists in Friedrichshain, Berlin.