André Gonçalves

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Since the late 1990s i have been working in several artistic fields like visual arts, music, video, installation and performance. Empathy programmer with googlian self-education, i graduated in Graphic Design and alongside with my commercial graphic work i have been developing several applications in max-msp, flash, java and C++ along with different experimentations in the analog world. One thing just lead to another and somehow, from 2002, i was allways getting closer to ‘do it yourself’ electronics, started experimenting with sensor interfaces and, in a short while, soldering and programming made part and directly influenced the overall result of the intermedia pieces. More recently i’ve been collecting and recycling found electronic hardware, hacking it to make possible this idea to create analog devices that can act like bots, and can have specific functions like printing, drawing, create tv graphics, create sound, etc... This actions are orquestrated by PIC micro-controllers, small computer processors than can be programmable for controlling multiple devices, from sensors, to motor servos to heavy duty 220v gear. Recent projects have included interactive installations such as ‘Resonant Objects’, ‘I Thought Some Daisies Might Cheer You Up’ and ‘You Got Me Floatin'. My discography includes releases on the labels Grain of Sound, Crónica Electrónica and Sirr (PT), Cherry Music (JP), Winds Measure (US) and Transacoustic Research (AT).