André Sier

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André Sier is an artist-researcher who builds mythological video games and bio-electronic aggregates, alloying innovative human and non-human interfaces with immersive and interactive audiovisual environments. Over the past 25 years, he has produced award-winning objects and serial interactive works that playfully unravel time and space synthesised on bio-electronic substrates of imaginary art, shown in over 34 solo national and international exhibitions, over 100 collective events and exhibitions. André Sier is a bio-electronic artist educated in science, art, computer science, graduated in philosophy, PhD in 2023 with the thesis Building Immersive Environments Towards Non-Human Models of Organizing Against Global Crisis at the Planetary Collegium program of the University of Plymouth. A digital and electronic arts teacher since 2002, he is also the director of studios, which focuses on code, games, machines, and of ArteCódigo, a cultural association that combines art, ecology and technology. He is based in Lisbon. (2024)